Colony Starter Kit

$15.95 $12.95


Colony Starter Kit

$15.95 $12.95

Colony Starter Kit includes

  • 4 egg crates
  • 1ftX1ft screen
  • 1lb Roach Cafe Specialty Roach Chow

Colony Starter Kit, it does not come with a tote.

See our care sheet instructions below

SKU: scs01.

Building your feeder roach house

The Roach Cafe uses grey 18 gal. sterile containers, but for smaller size colonies the 10 gal. tote works great. (Please note we use only the gray colored totes not clear or red.) If you are ordering a Colony Starter Kit, it does not come with a tote, but it does have the 12×12 inch ventilation screen, egg crates and The Roach Cafe’s 1lb. bag of Roach Chow.

  1. Once you have your roach house tote, cut a hole in the top about 8×10 inches and hot glue the screen in place. This gives your Dubia roaches some air movement.
  2. Take the egg crate squares and stand them up inside the tote. Instant high rise Dubia  roach condos.
  3. If you order a breed of roach that can climb slick surfaces (Dubias have a hard time with this) then a strip of slick packing tape or vaseline around the top inside of the tote will stop the roaches in their tracks.
  4. Add food dish for fruits, vegetables, greens and roach chow in the corner.
  5. Now add your Dubia Roaches from The Roach Cafe.
  6. When kept at room temperature, mid humidity and in dark room your roaches will grow to be great feeders.
  7. If you want to breed your own Dubia roaches,  you will need to warm them up to 85º-95º at all times. This is the only time, when they can, or will breed.
  8. Depending on the number and growth of your roaches you will need to clean out you roach house every 1-3 months, by add new egg crates and doing some condo cleaning.
  9. We like to have a second tote ready to move them into that is already clean and condo ready. We can then clean the dirty tote and save for next time.

If you have any other question on the care or set-up for you roaches please contact us and well get back you within 24 hours.


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